Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow can be very painful when the muscles around the elbow are tightened, especially on the outside and along with the muscles in the forearm. In a so-called tennis elbow, part of the muscles that connect the elbow to the fingers and wrist is inflamed. There are various treatment methods to get rid of the tennis elbow. We are happy to discuss which one best suit your complaints during a consultation.

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Lateral epicondylitis: the cause

Tennis elbow (officially called epicondylitis lateralis) is caused by damage to the muscle attachment of your arm. This can happen from overuse or an injury. Many tennis players eventually get damage to these muscle attachments. Hence the name tennis elbow or tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow treatment

We can treat tennis elbow in different ways. Initially, we look at a treatment that does not require surgical intervention. If you exercise, you should stop doing this until your tennis elbow has completely healed. After that, you can slowly pick up the sport again. During an initial consultation, we may perform an ultrasound right away. We distinguish between the following treatments:

Tennis elbow bandage

We apply a tennis elbow bandage to equalize the pressure on your muscles. You should wear this bandage when you are awake: from the morning after getting up until the evening before going to bed. You will wear the tennis elbow bandage for 3 weeks.

Cortisone injection

Is there any sign of improvement after 3 weeks of tennis elbow bandage? Then you will receive an injection of cortisone in the side of your elbow. This medicine helps against pain and inflammation. You will wear the bandage for another 3 weeks after this injection. If the pain has not completely disappeared after 3 weeks, you will be given a second injection and a new tennis elbow bandage.


Surgery If you still suffer from tennis elbow after the cortisone injections, we will look at the options for surgery together with you. We remove the inflamed tissue and lengthen the tendon attachment. As a result, you will suffer less from muscle attachments. The healing process takes several weeks. After the procedure, you will be put on a plaster cast or brace, so that you put as little stress on your arm as possible. When your tennis arm has healed, we will start with physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles in your arm.

Other possible treatments include self-massage, 6 months of infiltration therapy – where we inject a painkiller near the pain point, and treatments by a physiotherapist.

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Frequently asked questions about a tennis elbow

What is the difference between tennis elbow and tennis elbow?

Both are names for the same condition: inflammation of the muscle attachments in your arm. One calls it tennis elbow, the other tennis elbow. Both mean the same.

Where is the pain in the tennis elbow?

With tennis elbow or tennis elbow, you suffer from the outer knob of your elbow. Because in this condition the muscle attachments are inflamed, you will feel the most pain at the point where your tendons and muscles are attached to the bone. The pain may travel through your arm to your fingers.

Which movement does tennis elbow hurt?

A gripping movement puts more pressure on your muscles and tendons. This can cause pain. Also, when you move your hand backward, the muscles contract.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

The main cause of tennis elbow is overloading of the muscles and tendons in your arm. Many tennis players eventually suffer from tennis elbow, because this muscle is overstimulated during the backhand movement.

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