OrthoDirect: orthopedic treatments

With orthopedics, we help to reduce complaints to your muscles and joints, so that you can move pain-free and smoothly again. You don’t have to wait until a spot becomes available with us, we aim to treat you the same day in one of our clinics in Amsterdam, ‘t Gooi, and Utrecht.

  • No waiting times, always immediately helped by an experienced orthopedic surgeon
  • Specialist in the treatment of shoulder, knee, and elbow complaints
  • We take the time for you: 30 minutes per consultation
  • Close cooperation with GP and physiotherapist
  • Minor surgical procedures are possible in our clinic
  • 100% reimbursement of costs

Orthopedic treatments

OrthoDirect specializes in treating complaints of the shoulder, knee, and elbow. The orthopedist also has experience in treating the hip, hand, wrist, ankle, and foot.


Shoulder problems cause pain and stiffness. OrthoDirect’s orthopedic surgeon has a lot of knowledge and experience in treating shoulder complaints.

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A knee is a complex joint. We treat, among other things, tears in the meniscus or cruciate ligament, cartilage injuries, and knee wear.

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Do you suffer from a stiff elbow, tennis elbow, a tear in the triceps tendon, or a nerve entrapment at the height of the elbow? Feel free to come by.

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Hand & Wrist

Hand and wrist complaints can limit you in daily life. We perform various treatments to ensure that you can do everything again.

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Hip complaints

Hip complaints can limit you in daily life. We perform various treatments to ensure that you can do everything again.

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Ankle & foot

Ankles and feet have to endure a lot. That is why it is annoying when complaints arise. We help you to reduce the complaints.

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Medical expertise

We carry out independent medical expertise on behalf of insurers, personal injury specialists, lawyers, and courts, among others.

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“Specialist in shoulder, knee, and elbow surgery”

About OrthoDirect

OrthoDirect believes that healthcare can be much better. Our goal is to make healthcare more people-oriented, more efficient, and cheaper. We therefore only offer appropriate, sensible, and necessary care and do not use waiting times. We work in the Amsterdam, ‘t Gooi, and Utrecht regions.

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The procedure

You can always easily make an appointment with our orthopedic surgeon here. During an initial consultation, the orthopedist will examine you extensively and will make a diagnosis based on this, which will result in a personal treatment plan. If necessary, an additional ultrasound is performed immediately, and we immediately perform an ultrasound-guided infiltration. We work closely with the GP and physiotherapist to promote a quick recovery.

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Rates and reimbursement for orthopedics

Your health insurer will reimburse the cost of your treatment 60–100%. We reimburse the remaining 40–60%. So you don’t pay anything extra. Only the deductible of your health insurance may be for your account, just like in other hospitals.

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As a general practitioner, you simply refer patients to OrthoDirect by ZorgDomein. Not sure whether a referral is necessary? You can always contact us by phone for peer consultation.

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Make an appointment & Contact

Make an appointment for orthopedic treatment.

To make an appointment, please call our receptionist between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM on tel: 035-622 83 29. Have your BSN number and passport and/or driver’s license at hand. You can also register via the website: https://www.orthodirect.nl/contact/afspraak-maken/ or by email: info@orthodirect.nl

If you have any questions, please do not call the receptionist but send an email to: info@orthodirect.nl. This is usually answered within an hour.


Address details of locations OrthoDirect

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