Your health insurer will reimburse the costs of your treatment for 60 – 100%. We reimburse the remaining 40 – 0%. So, you don’t pay anything extra. Only the deductible of your health insurance may be for your account, just like in other hospitals.

Our passer-by rates apply to health insurers with whom we have not concluded a contract. Download passer-by rates.

The Dutch healthcare authority has mapped out the route from a care provider to an invoice. In an animation film and on an information card, the Dutch healthcare authority explains how claims work in hospitals: what do doctors register? And how does that eventually become an account? Watch the animation film of the Dutch healthcare authority.

You will find a lot of information on the Zorgnota website.


Since 1 January 2012, it is mandatory to hand over referral data to the health insurer. Health insurers are setting increasingly strict requirements for reimbursement of specialist medical care. Without a referral letter, the costs for a consultation or treatment with a medical specialist will not be reimbursed. It is therefore important that your general practitioner/company doctor/medical specialist prepares a referral letter for the first consultation and sends it to us. This can be done via ZorgDomein.

The referral letter consists of:

  • Patient name
  • Referrer Name
  • Dating (the date of the referral letter must be before or on the day of your first consultation)
  • Indication

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