Medical expertise

OrthoDirect carries out independent medical expertise. We do this on behalf of insurance doctors, medical advisors, registered medical advisors, personal injury specialists, lawyers, and courts.

OrthoDirect supports when:

  • An independent medical expertise is required in legal proceedings
  • A degree of disability must be determined
  • A statement must be made about the medical causality and consequences of disorders
  • Fast, responsible clarity about the medical consequences of personal injury is important for parties

You can send your request for an expert to OrthoDirect by post and for additional information, you can contact us by phone or email:

p/a Sumatralaan 39
1217 GP, Hilversum
Phone: (035) 622 83 29


The rates for expertise at OrthoDirect as of 01-01-2018 are:

  • for Company doctors/Arbo-service: € 1750,-
  • for AOV insurers: € 1750,-
  • for UWV (sickness benefit, WIA, WAO, etc): € 1750,-
  • for IND/immigration law: € 2150
  • for medical advisors/lawyers (injury, liability, etc.): € 2150,-
  • before the Court (indicative based on declaration): on request.

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

The costs for expertise are not covered by health insurance, because it does not concern medical treatment. The costs for radiological examination and any additional costs for requesting files or engaging a translation agency are calculated separately.

See further rights and information for the client.

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