Do you have shoulder pain or shoulder movement limitations?

A team of shoulder experts is ready to assist you in the Shoulder Clinic. Shoulder surgeons, shoulder physiotherapists, shoulder sports doctors, and shoulder rehabilitation doctors hold joint consultations in De Shoulder Clinic. The aim is to help you get rid of your complaints as quickly as possible.

Advantages compared to the hospital?

  • No waiting times
  • Within 48 hours you will receive an appointment at the office hours
  • All in one consultation

Everything needed to solve your shoulder problem is carried out in one 30-minute consultation:

  • Answering your request for help
  • Ultrasound examination of your shoulder
  • Advice and/or treatment from shoulder physiotherapist/sports doctor/rehabilitation doctor
  • Ultrasound-guided analgesic infiltration
  • Insight into diagnosis and treatment plan through measurement moments
  • Attention and clear explanation
  • Outcome-oriented approach
  • Access to an extensive national shoulder network

How does it work?


Patient experience:

“After the decision was finally made to have the frozen shoulder surgically treated via the Shoulder Clinic, I underwent the treatment. During day admission the short procedure was performed with the direct result that considerably more movement in the shoulder/arm could be established. The day after surgery, the physiotherapist immediately went through and concluded that the desired movement in the shoulder/arm was achieved immediately after a very short recovery period. Overall, I am very pleased with it. Had the surgery taken
place a year earlier, (much) less treatment with the physiotherapist might have been necessary.”

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About OrthoDirect

OrthoDirect remedies pain and movement complaints in the body with tailor-made orthopedic treatments. We work closely with general practitioners and physiotherapists to promote rapid recovery. We perform minor surgical procedures in our practices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Bussum. Make an appointment immediately: there is no waiting time. Also for medical expertise.

Contact details

Weteringschans 72
1017 XR Amsterdam

Eslaan 1
1404 EE Bussum

Dekhuyzenstraat 60
3572 WN Utrecht

Contact hours Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 12:00

T: (035) 622 83 29